Clash of Clans hacks

By | October 9, 2019

Probably you are already familiar with Clash of Clans since you are here, so let us cut to the chase. Like in any game, Clash of Clans has many cheats and hacks imprinted into the gameplay by the developers to help you achieve your goals faster. But you have to know what you are doing. Well, we are here to help you with that part and listed some of the hacks you can apply. 

Reveal the secrets

First, let’s get the crucial information out of the way, shall we? While there are many websites claiming to get you unlimited gems, gold, and everything when you insert your account information, do not fall for them. They are simply a scam and do not work. Why not try, you ask?

First and foremost, you have to remind yourself; it is illegal. Even Supercell has told its players that all these sites are useless and will not get you anywhere. The only reason these websites exist to get traffic on the scammers’ sites, and they will get money through the ads they are running. Simple as that, no use of Clash of Clans players in any way. So, do yourself a favor and stop wasting your time on those. 

how to hack clash of clans

Don’t want to spend real money in the game? You can simply go around this by filling out Google Opinions and getting rewards from that. Once you have got enough fiat money on your account, you can purchase gems Clash of Clans in-app purchases. This specific coc hack sometimes requires a bit of time, but it is a fully legal and working hack. But what would you not do for those precious Clash of Clans gems? There is no harm trying it out.

For passive gem flow, have you thought about automating your Gem Mine? This way, you can earn up to two gems per day without doing any work at all. Although, you will have to keep monitoring your Gem Mine from time to time as you can only store 10-18 gems there, depending on which level are you on. Even then, when it is full, simply transfer the gems to your account, and you are good to go again. Now how can I get these gems flowing? Simple. Only by adding the Elixirs in the Gem Mine. I know, it sounds a bit unconventional, but trust me, this works like a charm. You can go and try it out right now if you wish.

Revenge is best served cold. Many players completely ignore this impressive aspect of the game. Quickly explained, you can use someone’s own attack against them. That’s right. You can analyze your attackers’ village anytime, anywhere, and see when they are in their most vulnerable state. Aka, when they have the most resources out for looting and this way, you can time your attack on the perfect moment. Well, karma is a female canine, after all.


Now avoiding those scammer websites should already get you a long way and foremost not getting banned by Supercell. These alternative coc hacks, tips, and tricks ought to get you started on your faster journey of getting ahead of the game as well as earning those trophies you have been craving for since 2012. 

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